Saturday, 29 July 2017

Woo Cafe @ Lorong Dewan, KK

If you are looking for another nice hang out place in KK, you can try Woo Cafe, Lorong Dewan. To find this place is a bit tricky as there is no big signage for this cafe but the location is right opposite of Gong Cha and Chopping Block. As usual, parking is a big problem there. Woo is not only good at serving good food, but the interior of the cafe is wonderful as well. So remember to bring along your camera! =)

The entrance for Woo Cafe..

Green tea latte... Consider one of the best matcha latte in town! =)

The interior of the cafe.. This is the back of the cafe and the most interesting part!

Steak with salad and sweet potato fries.. Interesting combo of each of everything. And the nicest is the sweet potato fries, very similar to the Taiwanese version.. But the steak was a bit overcooked.. =(

Lamb loin with beetroot puree and corn.. A creative plate of total bland of sweetness, saltiness and sourness.. The lamb was just nice..

Total damage done for 2 person was about RM 70. A bit expensive but this is offset by the good quality of the food. If you are coming in a big group, make sure that you make a reservation first. =)

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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