Friday, 22 September 2017

Restaurant Rasa Lain PLT @ Bercham, Perak

Bercham is a district in Ipoh which is next the to the North-South Expressway in Perak. Surprisingly, this place has many great restaurants if you ask Mr Google and each of the restaurants has different specialty. As for Restaurant Rasa Lain PLT 味不同海鲜坊, their specialties are steamed chicken (招牌胡须鸡), steamed fish balls (蒸鱼旦), steamed lala (蒸啦啦), claypot glass noodle with crab (冬粉螃蟹), special sotong (香茅蘇东) and many more. If you  are coming from the city center, you can get UBER to fetch you to this place! But if you are driving, it will take you about 20 minutes to reach to this place from the city center. 

Steamed Chicken (招牌胡须鸡) Basically, it's a no-fat, tough chicken meat.. Good in the sense that it's more healthy but bad for those who got no teeth.. =p

Special Sotong (香茅蘇东).. Very special taste which is hard to describe. A bit salty, a bit sweet and a bit sour.. But it's a dish which can stimulate your appetite! 

Steamed Fish Balls (蒸鱼旦).. RM 1.30 for each.. Very chewy and smooth kind of fish ball.. 

Soy Sauce Prawn (生抽明虾).. Fresh prawns cooked with soy sauce and a bit of alcohol I guess, that's why it can give out a special taste..

Total bill with a huge plate of vege costed us about RM 130 for 4 person. We didn't order the lala is because we were late that time so they have run out of stock. Just some advice from the boss, give them a call to make a reservation at 012-5128407 if you are coming in a big group or if you are ordering lala or crab to avoid disappointment. FYI, crab is RM 120 per kg.

Thank you and happy holiday. =)

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