Monday, 25 December 2017

Haru Cafe @ Hilltop, KK

Another cafe hopping day! From the name itself, you definitely can guess it's a Korean style cafe. Haru Cafe is located at Hilltop, near Restaurant Masakan Sedap. Parking is not a problem here because it's a private area and there is no charges for parking. And it's quite a huge cafe with many tables! If you are looking for a quiet place for your gathering, I guess this is a perfect one! Menu is fairly simple as there are not many choice to choose and prices are stated clearly on the menu.

Coffee Latte.. Good taste but lacking of the coffee aroma..

Green Tea Latte.. And I feel this is much better than the coffee latte and nice latte art.. =)

Tteokbokki.. Korean rice cake served with fish cake, kimbap and hard boiled egg. A bit disappointed with this as the taste didn't sip into the rice cake. And this is not cheap! 

Breakfast set. Served with scrambled egg, salad, bread, ham and potato. And the potato was great! It's something like a deep fried stuff with onion etc. Perhaps this is more worthy than the tteokbokki.

Total damage done for 2 person was about RM 50. Price is slightly more expensive than the other cafes in town. Service wise was a bit slow on a Saturday morning as it took about 20-30 minutes to start serving us though there is not many other tables occupied (roughly about 2-3 tables). Anyway, it worth to try!

Enjoy and have a nice day! Merry X'mas, guys. =)

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