Thursday, 15 February 2018

Genting Highlands @ Pahang

Just a throwback during the last year end trip to Genting Highlands.

Travelling to Genting Highlands is never difficult from KL as there are many ways of getting there. There are many bus services from different parts of Klang Valley (such as Pudu Sentral, KL Sentral, One Utama or Terminal Putra LRT Gombak), KLIA and many more. You can refer to the time schedule and fare from their website or click here. The bus will usually stop at Awana Transport Hub and you may proceed with the Sky Train. But before going for the Skyway, you can shop at Genting Highlands Premium Outlet (GPO) as there are many popular branded shops and frequently they have wonderful promotions! 

Genting Highlands Premium Outlets (GPO) at Awana Transport Hub

 The directory to guide you!

It's not only about shopping at GPO, there are a few restaurants there as well where you can fill your stomach but you can't expect to have cheap and good food there! The malls at the peak have much better food for the same price. =) As for the Awana Skyway, it's at the top floor of the hub. You can purchase your ticket at the kiosk easily and fast! It's RM 8 per trip per person, so return is RM 16. You can also purchase the tickets with your Genting reward points if you have any. 

Kiosk at Awana Skyway station.. 

 Good time to travel as the crowd is not here yet!

We are on our way! 

The theme park is still under construction.. Hopefully it can be done in 2018! 

 Just at the right time for the Snooooooopy display!

Different posts with different snoopy from all around the world!

And more... There are too many...

And finally, you can opt to stay a night there at their hotels with an affordable room rate if you do not want to rush down from the highlands on that day itself. You can book via online (e.g. Agoda) or directly from them. And one thing very interesting about First World Hotel, you can self-check in and check out at the kiosk yourself! It's so easy and fast. Impressive..

The check in kiosk at First World Hotel

 Though it is not big but it's good enough for us to stay a night here! )

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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