Monday, 25 November 2013

Dinner at Korean BBQ Likas

After fulfilling our craves for Japanese food at Hana, Susan and I craved for Korean food and made 2 visits to Korean BBQ Likas, near Likas Stadium on two different occasions because we had bought our Groupon! The restaurant is just attached to a building at a golf range. So, you could never miss this place! Marinated meat was fantastic for both of the times but sadly, they do not have mixed flavored meat on the same plane! Or else, we were able to try more! =)

 Marinated Pork Rib, RM 28. Went very well with a bowl of rice with side dishes...

Spicy Soft Bean curd Soup, RM 17. Quite expensive for this dish because we have only bean curds with some slices of meat in the soup...

Korean Rice Cake, RM 25. Worth to try if you haven't tasted this before.. Something like glutenous rice cake and cooked with Kim Chi sauce..  

Second occasion to use up the second coupon!

Spicy Pork Rib, RM 28. Very special taste it has, I wonder what sauce did they used!! 

Korean Pancake, RM 25. Very expensive for this. Better say "No" to this. Price is almost the same as those BBQ meat, why not choose those! 

Beef Soup, RM 25. This is a much better option than the pancake. This is some kind of peppery vegetable soup with beef... Not too salty!

For 2 person on 2 different occasions for both of the bills costed us about RM 200. Portion was big, so I recommend to order one plate of BBQ meat with a soup and rice is good enough to fill 2 person stomach! =) Don't forget, they have side dishes as well!

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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