Thursday, 16 January 2014

Susan's Road Trip to the North (back dated 9-10 Nov 2013)

Oya, first of all. Happy New Year 2014 and Chinese New Year is just around the corner.. Ha-ha.. You must be thinking why am I taking so long to update my blog. Couldn't really update my blog for the past 2 months because I was having trouble with my internet connection. Phew. And finally, my internet line back to normal.. My line was cut off twice because they said that I didn't pay up my bill. But the truth was I didn't receive any bills to pay, so how do they expect me to make payment without any reference! Haiz.. Really Kangkung ar! Never mind, let it be! And here you go..

When we talk about Kota Marudu, there is only one special event to celebrate in this district which is the "Pesta Jagung". It's almost the same like Ranau which has their own "Pesta Kubis". The event was held the whole day but Susan and I spent like half a day there only because we planned to go to other places. Moreover to find good food over there, it's kinda difficult. We went scouting around the shops, everything looked the same. And maybe we were too late already as some of the shops closed in the afternoon. The most appealing restaurant that time was KFC! =)

Roasted maize. Since it was "Pesta Jagung", so definitely must grab one!

Woohoo.. Tasted sweet even without any butter or honey. RM 1 for this... 

Next stop, we went to places that must be visited when you go to Kudat! Basically, there were 3 main tourist attraction spots which are quite near to each other, namely the Gong factory, the Bee Farm and the Maranjak/ Rungus Long house. 3 of them were located on the same main road which were 2-3 KM apart from each other. Each of it charged a minimal amount of entrance fee ranging from RM 3-5. If you think 3 is a bit too much, but at least go for the Gong factory and the longhouse is good enough. After spending some time at these place, we headed towards Simpang Mengayau for sunset, the meeting point between the Sulu Sea and South China Sea. The road to Simpang Mengayau might be a bit tricky. You may use your GPS to the destination if you are able to search for phone signals... =)

Entrance of the Gong factory 

The biggest gong of all! Kampung Sumangkap for Gongssssss 

 Longhouse to explore. If you happen to reach at the right time, you may have the chance to see some cultural performance by the locals...

 Here you go, Simpang Mengayau or known as Tip of Borneo

And seafood dinner at Esplanade after a long long day. Guess what... 6 dishes for only RM 70! Cheap right!! Haha 

Next day, we woke up early and made our way to the local market to buy some fresh seafood! Wow. I guess I didn't regret of bringing my ice box all the way to Kudat to bring back fresh seafood. It was hard for me to describe but what I can say that, it was very cheap. After that, we made our way back to KK and dropped by at some small towns! =)

 Kudat clock tower, this might be one of the land mark of Kudat town

Kota Belud tamu. Reached late and most of the stalls were packing up already...

When everyone talks about Tuaran, most of the time I can only think of Tuaran Mee. So gave it a try and it tasted like "so-so" only. Maybe I went to the wrong shop and it disappointed me. Luckily we had coconut puddings and Lokan at Jalan Norowot!

 Tuaran Noodles...

Icy chilled Coconut Pudding! Yummy!!!

And lastly, lokan! Ordering the medium one would be the best choice!! =) 

End of trip and enjoy. Have a nice day...

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