Friday, 7 February 2014

Poring Hotspring Visit (back dated on 28 Dec 2013)

When people talk about Poring in Sabah, what we know is just hotspring. Poring is a small tourist spot which is about 30 minutes drive from Ranau town and 45 minutes drive from Kundasang town. Weather at Poring is rather hot than those cooling weather at Kundasang because it is at the valley. Spending time at this place is a very good option whereby you can really get close to the nature and it's really hard to find such a place on earth anymore!! And remember, when you are approaching Poring, look out for this!! "Rafflesia Blooming"!!

Whenever there is any wild Rafflesia blooming, they will put this up. This might be once in a life time for many tourist as this plant is not found in many other country and it has a life spend of about 1 week only... So, how lucky are we!!!

There might be some trekking need to be done. Some might take up about 15-20 minutes walk into the woods.

Rafflesia buds...

Here you go! RAFFLESIA!!!

After visiting the Rafflesia garden, just drive 3-5 minutes down the road and you will reach Poring! Poring not only has a hotspring, you can also visit the waterfall, mini parks and even the canopy walk! Spend half a day there and you will find that it's worth to travel all the way there for all these!! Opening hours is 8am to 5pm. Plan your journey well and try to travel back to where you stay before it gets dark!

Going to be my wallpaper!!! I love this very much...

Enjoy and have a nice day... =)

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