Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Between the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute

I still remember about 2 weeks ago when I'm still back in KL for my holiday. I accompanied my mum to the clinic for 3 monthly review with the doctor. As we were too early for the visit, we went for breakfast at a nearby restaurant. And I realised that there was this couple who were blind sitting beside my table. I kept on observing them at that time and many things really struck my mind. I was so amazed of them at that time and I realised that how lucky am I that I have all my 5 senses working so well. When I was back home, I kept on pondering, what if I was blind OR deaf OR mute!

If you were given a do-or-die chance to choose 2 out of 3, which one do you wish you must have?! To see how they cope and live a normal life is really amazing. Everyday is a great challenge for them. To find food, to find a partner, to find a proper shelter and so on, everything is a challenge for them. Can you imagine, we have four limbs and everything in our body are doing perfect but how come we are still complaining? How come we are still complaining when we have a good job which we can earn for a living? People nowadays tends to be more choosy with what they are working for! I hope that you can consider and ponder yourself as compared to them when you are complaining about your job! I know life is difficult but there is always a way to sort it out rather than COMPLAINING!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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