Saturday, 26 July 2014

Generation X

Consumers are always RIGHT even though they are always wrong! This is really true especially for those who are born in the early 60's or known as Generation X. This might be because they have gone through a very tough life when they were young and born to be stubborn without listening to others especially those who are much younger than them at most of the time. They are always RIGHT and the younger ones are always WRONG. I didn't mean to criticise them but this is the fact and argument between parents and children often arise especially when both parties are stubborn. 

I have came about this recently, I was being blamed by the son of one old patient in my ward for supplying a medical device to the patient's care taker from the old folks' home upon the patient's discharge. The point is that the son is too busy with his work until he has no time to visit his father at the hospital to see me, but the care taker visits the son's father in the hospital everyday! If you are there to observe for few days, you would have assumed that the care taker is a reliable person. Besides, to supply the medical device to the care taker is the right choice because the patient is going to return to the old folks' home eventually. So I don't see there's any problem anywhere but I'm in the wrong position. 

Anyway, calmness and patience are important in handling this type situation to avoid heated arguments. I hope that these generation X will understand us one day.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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