Sunday, 8 February 2015

Bakut Canteen @ Tuaran

If you are not familiar with this place, you will never find this place! Ha-ha.. Make sure that you bring along a local who knows this place or you can use foursquare. This place is located in between of a Petronas petrol station and Hospital Tuaran if you are coming from KK town's direction. If you have enter the huge roundabout, that's means you have missed that place. Bakut Canteen is famous for it's Tom Yum soup, fried Tom Yum noodle and the fried Pan Mee. =) Trust me, this is one of the best place which has Tom Yum which is quite similar to Semenanjung's one!

Operating hours: 10 am till 3 pm... It's hidden behind a garage, that's why it's kind of tricky to find this place.. =)

Must try, Pumpkin red bean paste steamed bun (RM 1.30) and "kopi sejuk"!

Fried Pan Mee seafood (RM 7).. Very generous with what they put but it tasted a bit too salty.. Overall still good.. =) 

Fried Tom Yum noodle with chicken (RM 7).. Noodle tasted like the local Yee Mee and the taste was good. Something very special which you can't get in KK! 

Tom Yum soup prawn (RM 15)..  If you are lucky one that day, you get this! One thing very special about their Tom Yum is that they produced their paste in a very special way with a secret recipe.. Not too sweet, not too salty and not too sour! Just nice.. =) 

If you can't order much, this must be your priority!

Huge prawn, ready to be swallowed... =p And it's just RM 15 for 5!!!

Must try, don't wait anymore! =) Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

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