Sunday, 1 February 2015

Chimdi, Steamboat buffet @ Oceanus, KK

If you are looking for some kind of steamboat buffet in KK, you can find it in Oceanus. Just for your information, Oceanus is one of the latest shopping complex in KK. Very strategic place whereby it is facing towards the sea! 

So, the new restaurant which serves steamboat buffet is Chimdi. It's located at one end of the complex. They have a very special way in serving the dishes which is on the sushi belt. Besides of having raw stuffs for you to cook, they serve various sushi on the sushi belt as well. At the corner of the shop, there are drinks and other fried stuffs which are self service.. 2 soup base to be chosen, namely Japanese soup (tasted like miso soup) and herbal soup (which doesn't suite my taste bud at all).. So you can change anytime! =)

Promotion period, buy 3 free 1! And it's RM 45 nett per person... 

 Anything on the menu which they serve on the sushi belt..

Good that everything is served in small portions as to avoid wastage.. There are some things which are quite special such as mushroom balls, green tea beancurd etc.

 Fried stuffs served too but self-service!

Welcoming sushi for all customers... =) 

Some of the raw stuff before going into the pot! Sad to say that, some of it are still frozen.. 

And everything goes into the pot! =)

Overall, it's a "so-so" rating from my friends because it's quite expensive for the dishes that they serve if you were to pay RM 45 per person. Moreover, it will be quite a disappointment if you are a meat-eater because the meat doesn't come regularly.. Well, maybe they have improve by now... =)

Enjoy and have a nice weekend..

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