Tuesday, 20 January 2015

CABO Mexican Kitchen & Bar @ Lintas Plaza

When you talk about Mexican food in KK, I can only remember Chiwawa which serves mainly Burritos which are really really good. I was quite sad when it was closed down like a year ago because I have one place lesser to hang out already. But but... I realise that Cabo and Chiwawa are actually linked when I talked to one of the boss! =) As for Cabo, there are a lot more varieties to choose as for food and drinks, and they even serve alcoholic drinks as well. If you are not sure anything about menu, do not hesitate to ask because the people there are really friendly. 

Horchata (RM 6), a Mexican drink which made of mainly rice and maybe some cinnamon.. Very special kind of drink and it's not too sweet... Must try! 

Sante Fe (RM 18), salad with juicy grilled chicken.. Just to make sure that we have some fiber intake! Recommended by the waiter... 

Molcajete (RM 38), rice with grilled stuff served in a claypot.. A mixed of everything such as chicken, beef, fish fillets and prawns. I like the grilled beef the most because it's soft and tender, not like "old shoe".. Well done!

Mexican brownie (RM 8), dessert time.. Served with fruit cubes and chocolate sauce.. Brownie is well baked and not too sweet too! =) That's all.. Good enough for 2 person!

So make sure that you make your reservation if you are coming in a big group... Cabo is located in the same row with Lady Bon Bon and it's a corner shop. So, it's easily spotted!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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