Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Bits and Bits of Bidor, Ipoh and Pusing! (back dated 26-27 Dec 2014)

I have not gone back to my dad's hometown at Pusing and have my eating trip to Ipoh, Perak since I have came to Sabah and work. Finally, the waiting has ended! Though it was a short trip but everything was good and I did managed to taste back some of the wonderful "missed" food for years...

First stop, Bidor. I guess the first thing that come across your mind should be the famous duck noodle at Pun Chun Restaurant. Well, not for this time! As for this time, we went for the famous Wantan noodle at the Bidor Food court. I can say that their noodle was not too bad, chewy and not too salty and MSG-ed. Overall above average, at least better as compared to many other Wantan noodle in KL! Other side dishes include pork leg and Yong Tauhu. If you want to buy salted chicken in Bidor, you can buy from the small stall beside the food court. Whole chicken will cost you about RM 19! =)

Second stop, Ipoh. When you talk about Ipoh beansprout chicken rice, there are quite a number of famous shops in Ipoh and one of it is Lou Wong. One thing quite disappointed with this place was the portion is set and it was kind of over estimated especially when you have small eaters on your table! So my advice is "Don't other too much if you can't really eat to avoid wastage!" Other side dishes include meat balls and chicken feet. Chicken feet is a must try dish because it has a very special taste which is difficult to describe..

Super big portion for 4 person... 

Third stop, Ipoh as well. Restaurant Thean Chun in Ipoh Old Town is famous for its Hor Fun, pork satay and the dessert, egg custard. Try to avoid to come to this shop during peak season e.g. long weekends, festive season etc. because it's really really really congested and it may take up to one hour to wait for the Hor Fun. But at the meantime, you can order some other specialties from the shop e.g. pork satay with internal organs, "sotong kangkung" and even the super smooth dessert, egg custard! 

Super smooth egg custard, but it's a bit too sweet because of the caramel.. Anyway, once in a while.. =p

Chicken, pork satay with internal organs... Internal organs are the most hot selling item from that stall! 

 Ipoh Hor Fun.. Super smooth Hor Fun with very heavy soup base..

And lastly, Pusing. Time to visit my uncles and aunties. But before that, Wan Tao Long (Jelly Ice drink) is a MUST drink before heading to their house! This stall is located right in front of the mini food court and it's difficult to miss this! You can order the Jelly Ice to be with coconut milk or lime juice... Both tastes equally good especially under the hot weather!

That's all for this trip. Looking forward for when is my next trip back to Ipoh is going to be! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day..

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