Saturday, 17 January 2015

Kedai Kopi 10 @ Lintas Plaza

If you are looking for good and fresh buns from the oven, this is one of the recommended place to please you if you are lazy to travel to Lido, Gaya St. or Kolombong! Never too hard to find Kedai Kopi 10. It's located right opposite of Party Play and same row with Bon Bon Cafe. Make sure that you come here early for the buns because they are quickly sold out once they are placed on the trays... =) I think there are more than 15 choices for you to choose on the shelf. The price for the buns is quite reasonable and price for each bun range from RM 1.50 to RM 3.00.. If you want more than buns, you can order DimSum from the adjacent shop or fish noodle from the stall behind. So what are you waiting for!

Front of the shop.. Once you get your parking, make sure that you buy your parking ticket! Parking is free on Sundays only...

"Loh Mai Kai" and "Zhu Cheong Fun", DimSum from the adjacent shop.. 

(L) Char Siew, BBQ pork Bun, (R) Polo, pineapple jam Bun.. Both taste equally good but the content is a bit too little to satisfy.. Polo bun at Gaya St. is still the best!

Chicken pie bun.. Recommended by the boss.. A choice which you can hardly find from other place.. A mixed of Western style and it tasted really good..  

Luncheon meat bun.. A small slice of luncheon meat in the bun! =)

Buns are always good when they are served directly from the oven. Prefer not to take away! Enjoy and have a nice weekend! =)

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