Sunday, 18 January 2015

Brunei Satay House and Beaufort Baker @ Beaufort

If you are travelling to Beaufort or looking for place to stop by while on the way to Labuan, you can look for these places for lunch! First, find for this place if you are a fan of satay! Most people in the restaurant actually ordered just satay even though there are many more to choose from the menu and there are many take away orders too, so that shows that how famous is their satay! The satay served is huge and there are 3 types of meat to choose, namely chicken, beef or mutton. Each stick for chicken and beef is RM 0.70 and as for mutton, it's RM 1.00 per stick. They sell internal organs e.g. stomach as well. =) 

Satay served.. Look how huge are those meat.. 

Eat while it's still hot and juicy! 

But sorry to say that the peanut sauce was a bit disappointing because I can't really feel that there is peanut in the sauce.. =(  I hope that they would improve on the sauce and that will be perfect!

Next stop, Beaufort Baker for "Mee Soto" and Curry Puffs! If you are not sure what is "Mee Soto", it is a simple soup noodle with chicken or beef slice or balls. And according to my friend, this place serves one of the best Curry puffs in town but too bad, Curry puffs sold out!

 "Mee Soto" with chicken balls.. Make sure that you add their spicy sauce to spice up your noodle! =)

"Mee Soto" with beef slices and balls.. Very good soup base and didn't really feel that there is a lot of MSG.. =)

Enjoy and have a nice day.. =)

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