Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Mt Trusmadi Hike (Day 1) @ Tambunan (back dated 16-17 January 2016)

After climbing up Mt KK 3 years ago, looks like it's time to take up the challenge of climbing the second tallest mountain in Sabah. According to our guide, this mountain has been quite famous and in favor ever since the earthquake near Mt KK happened last year. But this business back to the old time after the new route at Mt KK was reopen again weeks ago. But before I signed up for this, I have heard many times that the trail to the peak for Mt Trusmadi and the accommodation were bad but it came to my surprise that everything was not as bad as what I presumed! Perhaps many upgrades were done to upgrade all the facilities for the climb at Mt Trusmadi. Each climb only allows 20 person at one time, so our group was huge enough to take up all 20 spots and 20 person will be guided by 4 guides. 

To start off, we traveled all the way to Tambunan town from KK for about 1.5 hours and gathered at the office after lunch at around 1-2 pm. Later on, we were moved to pick-up trucks to transport us into the deep jungle to where the starting point was. The whole ride took us about 1.5 hours from Tambunan town and we did "enjoyed" the bumpy ride!

Road to the registration point... Just a short stretch of tar road followed by a very long stretch of muddy, sandy and bumpy road! 

The registration point with the huge butterfly at the gate! 

Group photo with all the fresh looks! Hopefully I didn't miss out anyone.. 

Bumpy road part 2, crossing river... Enjoy the ride.. =)

Another group photo at the starting point, we were at 4.9 km from the peak at that moment... 

Though it's going to be a very long journey but never demotivate yourself. Keep the beautiful sun rise to see as your target! 

Briefing before starting with our so-called group leader a.k.a organiser!

Target for Day 1, 2 km well maintained plank broadway for about 1.5-2 hours.. 

Very much impressed as compared to the one that I have read from other older blogs.. First thing first, get your bath early and ASAP as the water was chilling cold when the night approaching... 

Reached much early than expected... Everyone used less than 1 hour to finish the first 2 km... The guide was totally speechless.. -.-" 

Everyone arrived in one piece with no signs of tiredness.. =)

Our accommodation, double decker beds with sleeping bags..

Another 2.9 km to the peak! New challenge ahead for next morning!

We spent a night there for dinner at 6 pm and went to bed early, so that everyone was energetic enough to ascend to the peak the next morning at around 1.30 am. Same rules applied from Mt KK, lights off early to force everyone to bed! =) FYI, 100 plus and tiger beer were sold there. RM 5 for 100 plus and RM 10 for tiger beer. 

To be continued..

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