Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Mt Trusmadi Hike (Day 2) @ Tambunan (back dated 16-17 January 2016)

We woke up at around 1 am to have breakfast before starting our next 2.9 km journey to the peak at 1.30 am. We asked for 1 hour earlier because we were afraid that some might not be able to make in time for the sun rise but this was quite a bad idea as we reached much ahead in time for sun rise. We did underestimated each others stamina and endurance as we didn't believe that everyone of us could make it to the peak within 3.5 hours! We reached at the tower (300 meters away from the peak for sun rise) before 5 am and we waited for about 1 hour in the super freezing cold condition for sun rise. Anyway, we didn't regret with our "play safe" method and we did it to the peak to wait for sun rise. But before that, we enjoyed the night view with a lot of stars in the sky. It would be great if you carry along with your DSLR. Anyway, 

Group photo with some sleepy eyes before the start for Day 2.. 

** No photo after this until we reached at the tower as everyone was too concentrate in walking and walking and walking... One advice, make sure that your head lamp or torchlight are fully charged!

Sun rising with lots of clouds... 

 Clear enough to see Mt KK at the other side!

 With Mt KK view...

Never miss the guy in the bush.. =) 

The beauty of Sabah.. Mt Kinabalu, the tallest mountain in Sabah

Pitcher plant, famous in Sabah.. 

On the way to the peak, within 300 meters to the peak.. 

Last 100 meters to the peak! 

 Random shot at the peak! Quite a large area for you to take photos with many backgrounds..

We conquered this 2642.28 meters mountain!

Now let's look back to what we had went through early in the morning when it was dark!

"Hobbit" rain forest.. 

The tower at 300 meters away from the peak.. Very shaky when wind blows and maximum 4 person at a time... 

Descending trail... 

 At 1.6 km from the peak...

Beautiful Mt KK seen all the way descending to the base.. 

Basically, this is just telling you that we had crossed 3 huge hills with steep slopes to reach the peak of Mt Trusmadi... 

 Spot the one in white! Looks far but we were just short distance away..

Steep slopes which you need the white rope.. We wondered how did we did it when it was freaking dark without realising that this was extremely dangerous... 

Into the wood after 200 meters broadway walk from the base (~ 2.7 km to the peak) 

 Border at 2.7 km to the peak, between "heaven" and "hell"....

After packing up and lunch at the base, we walked back to the starting point for about 2 km to head back to Tambunan town and subsequently to KK.

One last bumpy ride back to Tambunan town

The trip was a great one and the whole trip costed about RM 500 per person excluding transportation to Tambunan town. We felt very lucky that the weather was great and dry. No leech and minimal mud were the greatest prize for us! And one last thing, make sure that you are well prepared physically and mentally before signing up or else it will definitely be a waste!

FYI, you don't need to pack too much stuff! Just make sure that you have at least 2-3 pairs of clothes to change, a powerful head lamp or torchlight, a wind breaker (thick enough to keep you warm while waiting for sun rise but thin enough to avoid you from sweating too much), a good pair of hiking shoes, poncho, energy bars and maybe 2-3 liters of water with ORS!

Enjoy and have a nice day =)

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