Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Jacknife Bar & Grill @ Plaza 333, Kobusak

There are many new restaurants are opening in this new area, Plaza 333 at Kobusak (Plaza 333 at Kobusak is just the area after Millennium) You can find many varieties of food over there ranging from local native (the Sabahan style) to Japanese, to Chinese, to Western etc. And one of the restaurant that I wanted to try for a very long time is this Jacknife Bar & Grill. I have been there a few times on Sunday but I didn't manage to taste their food because I realised that they are closed on every Sunday! Anyway, I will never repeat the same mistake next time. Hmm.. About the food over here, though it is slightly more expensive as compared to the one at the opposite side but the quality and taste wise is a lot better! Trust me, once you have tried, you will definitely ask for more. =) Sorry for the Muslim, this is a non-halal place because they serve pork!

Mixed Grill... If you have no idea of what to order, this would be a great choice if you are here for the first time. I would definitely rate the pork chop as #1!

Meat Ball Spaghetti.. A lot better than Vxxxx and the portion is much much bigger! Taste wise, standard.

Overall experience was great. Price is reasonable as well. RM 50 for this 2 items to serve 2 person. Not too expensive right?!

Business hours
3 pm till 11 pm (Monday - Saturday only) ** Closed on Sundays
Reservation on Monday till Thursday @ 088-731208

Enjoy and have a nice day.. =)

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