Monday, 11 April 2016

Vina Bread & Coffee @ Kolombong

If you are looking for good Vietnamese baguette and Vietnamese coffee in Sabah during tea break, Vina Bread & Coffee actually offers almost 95% identical to those in Vietnam. Even though price is slightly expensive but it's still cheaper for you to take a flight to Vietnam just for this! =) There are a few dishes which you can choose to put into the baguette and you need not to worry as it serves no pork. Besides selling their famous baguette and coffee, they sell fried noodles, soup noodle (Pho) and even Vietnamese products e.g. instant coffee, instant noodles, fish sauce etc. 

Fried noodles (Pan Mee).. One of their specialty! Just nice for my taste bud.. =) 

Vietnamese baguette (RM 4 for 1 stuffing, RM 5 for 2 stuffing).. 5% not identical is because it doesn't have enough sauce inside.. They have various stuffing to choose from e.g. chicken chop, minced meat, egg etc.

Total spent for these 3 was less than RM 15. If you can't find the way there, you can search for them on Facebook (Vina Bread & Coffee) because this shop is quite hidden from the main road.

Enjoy and have a nice day.. =)

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