Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Easy To Start But Hard To Maintain..

"A relationship is easy to start, but it is hard to maintain. So, break up.
A friendship is easy to start, but it is hard to maintain. So, that's it.
A promise is easy to make, but it is hard to keep it. So, it's a lie.
I wonder how many more of situations that I can phrase it like this."

Sometimes it's kind of a disappointed and shame to have such a friend but these people can still exist in this world. If it is a guy, I wish that someone would have told him, "You suite to become a girl, you are just a shame to the guys species." Actually I am more curious when it comes to his wedding day. Anyway, I can expect that "lazy to get married" will be the first reason and it will just a vow of LIE.

I wonder, what will be the main criterion to be a friend of yours? Is it about the wealth? Family background? Or maybe it is about TRUST? As for me, it is easy to be a friend of mine, but it is difficult to maintain. I do trust my friends at my very first instinct. But once a promise is broken, I do not hope to see you forever because there is no more meaning to be a FRIEND. So guys, appreciate every friendship. Remember, breaking a promise means ending a friendship. I think you still wish to live with friends.


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