Saturday, 21 April 2012

Trip with Ah Lim 1 (back dated to 6-9 April 2012)

What a day to start! I have broke my record in KK, first time sleeping later than 8am. Gosh. Maybe this is actually a relieve after the tedious 2-months clinical rotation. Ha-ha. Anyway, back to the main topic. This man, aged 3?, came all the way from Penang with a purpose but without a target. So, my friends and I have to plan his whole trip once he stepped down from the plane. And this was our first place to visit, Labuan.

We have a few choices to travel to Labuan, such as taking the ferry from KK to Labuan, or taking a flight directly to Labuan. But we opted to drive all the way down (about 2-3 hours) to Menumbuk Jetty to take the speed boat to Labuan. The fee for the speedboat was RM15 per trip per person but you may go for the ferry which is about RM5 per trip per person only. If you wanted to ship you vehicle across, charges are based on the sizes of your vehicle. 

Menumbuk Jetty 

Just to make sure that he was the correct person 

Here goes the ferry, RM 5 per trip per person. There is only 2 trips per day. So make sure that you know the timing of the ferry before choosing this. 

The speedboat, RM 15 per trip per person. Once it's full, it will depart from the jetty. 

Once you have the map, you are accessible to  anywhere with a car.

Good to have the duty free shop right opposite the hotel (Victoria Point)

First destination, the War Memorial Park. This is the place where all those who fought for WWII buried. 

The Chimney Museum  

 Still thinks that he is our lecturer

Surrender Point 1, place where the Japanese troops surrendered to the British. 

Surrender Point 2 

After travelling to the 3 places, it was time to visit the beach at Labuan before going for dinner. So, here were some of the nice pictures taken.


Ok, time to have dinner. Since Anjung Ketam was known for good seafood, so we had our dinner there.

 A picture facing the sea and the risen of the moon

As for the next day, we actually managed to go to the Marine Park before going to Financial Park to shop for chocolates and alcohols.

Back to the mainland and head to our next destination

So, here ends our trip to Labuan!

To be continued...

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