Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Trip with Ah Lim 3 (back dated to 6-9 April 2012)

Oops. Sorry for getting this last part done late. =)

As for the last part of the trip, we actually went to Pulau Tiga or also known as Survivor Island. This was  the island where they had their first episode of Survivor show. We actually got a hard way to the island because the resort didn't offer any day trip already, but we managed to get a fishermen's boat. We rented the boat for about 5 hours and it costed us about RM 450. It was really "wow", but what to do! It was much cheaper than staying a night over at the island!

 The jetty to Pulau Tiga, right behind the petrol station (Shell)

Our "hostage" boat to Pulau Tiga 

Upon arrival! Welcome!!! =)

Once you arrived at the island, remember to capture a picture of the map! 

Trail to our first destination, the mud volcano 

 The starting point

 1km finally, another 100m to go...

Before reaching the pool of mud, there was a hut with "natural" water supply for you to clean up 

"We are floating! We are floating!"  

Back to the starting point... 

What were we waiting for?! Washed up at the sea!

Spot the monkey! 

Ok, there goes our RM 450. But it was very worthy! Hopefully I can be back here for another holiday... =)

Enjoy and have a nice day.. =)

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