Sunday, 22 April 2012

Trip with Ah Lim 2 (back dated to 6-9 April 2012)

Upon arrival at Kuala Penyu, we just checked in our luggage and straight away proceeded to Garama Village for river cruise (Garama River Cruise). The journey between these 2 places was very far and it took us almost 45 minutes to reach. We actually reached there 15 minutes late but the person-in-charge was very kind because he actually started another boat for us as the other 2 boats had left the mini jetty. 

Once you have reached the place, they will serve you with some evening tea first. Just to fill your stomach up before going for the cruise.

Some of the local "quih" 

 The scenery around the place, it was about 5pm

Ok, everyone was looking forward for the river cruise 

 Just too bored before the boat arrives

 Here comes the boat

 Cruised the Klias river, just getting ready to spot some proboscis monkeys 

Ok, spotted one finally. Try to look out for the chili!! =)  

Enjoying the moments of sunset at Klias river 

Our guest 

 Yea! We were on the river!

Speed our way back to the starting point for dinner 

Good dinner but the soup was a bit too salty 

The cruise didn't end just like that because there was another boat ride to watch fire flies. Too bad that my camera couldn't get some nice pictures of the fire flies which lighted the tree like a christmas tree. Instead of that, I just captured the moon at the lonely dark river while the guide was explaining about the facts related to fire flies. Interesting!

The whole cruise was RM 75 per person. Packages can be easily found from any of the Sabah tour websites.  But as for the place of the river cruise, it might be a bit difficult to find this place because it is a bit deep into those villages. You may opt for another one which is the Klias river cruise. 

To be continued...

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