Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Days When I Walked into the Kindergarden

I remember the time when I walked into the kindergarden was when I was only 6 years old. Life was so relaxing, everything in the kindergarden was about learning with fun, playing and screwing things up-side-down. And when I think back, it was about 20 years ago already. Life passes too fast and it is now time to enjoy working life and earn some money to enjoy life!

And nowadays, kids are thrown into kindergarden at some earlier ages. I was so surprised when my mum told me that XX's is about to put her son into the kindergarden soon. And he is just about 2-3 years old only. Argh. Come on, it is just because you wanted to compete with your cousin's or neighbour's kids and you want your kids to suffer another few years of "bored" study! Try to think back, it is not necessary AT ALL! Some mothers are so pathetic that they even want to send their kids for tuition. Gosh.... It's still acceptable if they want to send their kids for piano lesson, swimming lesson and so on. I wonder how would they feel when I throw these mothers to learn ABC for 3-4 years before entering the primaries.

To make sure that your kids are smart enough to get a good and high-pay job in the future is not about giving them a lengthy studying years, but it is all about giving them a good education at home! Spending quality time with them is actually the best remedy to nurture a smart kid. Ok, no doubt that money is hard to earn nowadays. But can't you even dig out about 20% of your time in a week for your family and kids?! Young children involved in various unhealthy activities is now at an alarming level. Hopefully everyone is still aware about this issue!

Enjoy and have a nice day.. Happy Hari Keamatan everyone! =)

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