Sunday, 27 May 2012

When A Bunch of Crazy Friends Visited Sabah Part 1 (back dated 17-20 May 2012)

Yeah Yeah! I am now counting down the days to go back to KL for a good good holiday. "10 days to go now!" But just before going back to KL for holidays, just in time for me to entertain a group of good friends with a new friend from Johor when they came to Sabah. Phew.. With all the odd timings and plannings, at least it was a manageable trip to manage quite a big group of them. Ha-ha.. Hmm..

So as they stepped down at KKIA T2, I actually gave them a surprise. =)  Ha-ha. But luckily that they can still recognise me. So after checking in into the Marina Court Apartment, we went to the nearby island for some sun-bathing. Then, we went for a so-so seafood dinner just before they head back to the apartment for some rest.

Dinner at 大茄来!

As for the next day plan, we went up to Kundasang for some cool air. Woo hoo... But before checking into the hotel (Strawberry Garden Hotel), we dropped by at Kinabalu Park. This is where the starting point for those people who are climbing up to Mount Kinabalu. Other than "trekking" to the starting point, we have visited the muzeum FOC. Ok, here are some of the pictures taken at Kinabalu Park.

 The muzeum at Kinabalu Park

Ok, after the brief visit to Kinabalu Park. We checked in our luggage before heading to Kundasang town for lunch. Basically, Kundasang town is a small town about 5 minutes of drive away from Kinabalu Park. Here, you can get a wide varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits. You name it, you got it! Ha-ha. So we managed to buy some mushrooms and vegetables for dinner. =)

 Lunch at Kundasang

Tamu (market place) at Kundasang 

 The place where we had lunch. Gosh, the fried banana was too good!

After having lunch at Kundasang, we have headed to Poring Hotspring for a bath! It was almost 45 minutes drive from Kundasang town (cutting through Ranau town). This is also one of the famous attractive tourist spot! But remember to bring along your trekking shoes if you want to go for the canopy walk or to the caves and waterfalls! =) As usual, entrance fee was RM3 and additional of RM3 if you want to go for the canopy walk.

 Poring Hotpring

 You won't get lost when you have this!

 Trekking into the woods for the waterfalls...

 Final picture of the hotspring before heading back to the resort to prepare dinner

Wow. Nice view of Mount Kinabalu at Kundasang town 

Strawberry Garden Resort (RM300 per night for 1 chalet which can fit almost 10 person) 

Picture of the day: Caught this while cleaning up the squid! 

To be continued.....

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