Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year with New Resolution

When it comes to new year, I guess most people will be posting something about the new revolution. Without the doom's day in 2012, everyone is getting back on track to continue to live in 2013 and so on! Perhaps the next predicted "end of the world" would be in 3012 (I guess)... =D Oh no, that's so long to go! Just leave it behind and I think I should have my own revolution as well.

To me, 2012 was a very boring year. Haiz. I have not achieve a lot of things which I wanted to achieve. Future stays stagnant but I grew one year older, just wasted one whole year in Sabah. "I am where I was last year!" Perhaps I should plan something for my future this time and be a more matured adult rather than being a childish and playful guy!   Agree?!!!! 

Ok, 50 minutes past 12 MN. Time to get on the bed for a New Year dream.

Happy New Year and have a nice holiday!

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