Thursday, 18 December 2014

Clarence's Home Grill, Western Food @ Lintas, KK

 This shop, Clarence's Home Grill has been here for quite some time and I have heard many good comment about this place! Instead of going to new places, why not trying something which I have try before... Most people come here tends to order their set meal because it's worth the price that you pay for! Each of the set comes with a bowl of salad, mushroom soup with garlic bread, the main course, coffee/tea and a dessert. So, what do you want to ask more! Trust me, you will never get this good deal at other places like at this place all the time...

Make sure that you make a reservation with them if you are coming in a big group because there are not many tables in the restaurant.. 

As a start for the set.. Salad, mushroom soup with garlic bread.. Many places do not really serve good mushroom soup, but I can say that this is one of the good one..  Really really goes well with the crispy garlic bread, not like those served at Pizza Hut.. =0

 Home mix grill.. A mix of everything on the plate if you can't decide to eat what! A small portion of everything can really make you really fullllllll.... Whatever which is on the plate gives me a very comfortable feeling..

 Nutty chicken chop.. Basically it's something like crispy breaded chicken.. Good!

Coffee/tea and a scoop of ice cream to wrap up the whole dinner! Overall, good! Definitely there is another time for me to come here again..

Enjoy and have a nice day.. =)

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