Sunday, 7 December 2014

Hato, Japanese Restaurant @ Pavilion Bundusan, KK

I have spotted this shop, Hato at Pavilion Bundusan quite some time ago and wanted to make a visit to this place few weeks back but seems like it's always packed. Such a coincide that it has a Groupon promo this time, so my friends and I bought it on the spot and there goes our dinner for the day! =) This shop is located just few shops away from KFC! Be there early or make a reservation to avoid disappointment!

Front of the shop..

1 set of Salmon Sushi and 1 set of Tuna Mayo Sushi.. Fresh salmon but the tuna mayo was a bit salty.. Overall, good! 

Tamago Egg Garden Salad.. Very interesting combination for salad! Something new =) 

 Kimchi Fried Rice... This is very very very good!

Garlic Fried Rice... This is very good as well, very good aroma.. It didn't give you a very bad breath after having this, but hope that I could find something more in the rice!

Kushi Yaki Enoki... I prefer if it's bacon but too bad that this place doesn't serve pork! =p Overall, good as well...

 Black Ninniku Udon.. Something very new for me. It's actually noodle cooked with black sesame and garlic oil, topped with some fried meat and tamago egg... It came in quite a big portion and taste was good as well, not too salty...

Teriyaki chicken.. Not too bad.. 

Yaki Ramen.. Fried noodle with meat. Just a bit of comments from my friends. A bit too oily and salty..

And lastly, Christmas log cake for 4. We managed to stuff this in into our stomach even though we are super full because this is not bad!!! =)

Overall, everything was good. Service was fast and the workers were friendly too.. And with the Groupon, everything was really worth for the price to taste almost everything in the shop!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.. =)

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