Monday, 1 December 2014

Mad Ben Cafe @ Gaya Street

New cafe in town! Just about few weeks old, it has became one of the hottest cafe in town. Located on Gaya Street, which is besides Legend Cafe. If you still can't find the location, look for Pizza Hut and it's just right opposite it! The signage is a bit small, that's why it's easily missed! The interior for MAD BEN Cafe is quite simple but unique. If you really observe their glasses, some of them are actually from IKEA =p

Dessert with salted caramel... Not too sweet, just nice.. RM 9 for this! 

Lasagna.. RM 16 for this! Taste, not too bad!  

Lamb and chicken burgers, RM 16 for each and served with fries! It seems the lamb was grilled first then sliced later on before serving! Something new! 

Chicken Schnitzel. First time I heard about this name! Ordered this with no regret because it was great.. RM 16 for this!

Overall it was good. One place which I will come back! For the next time, I will be back for their rib eye!!! =p

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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