Monday, 4 May 2015

Budget Stay and Mahua Waterfall @ Tambunan

My friends and I have made a short trip to Tambunan and Keningau recently and this is my second trip there. Feel good to be back to places which are far from the city with not much traffic congestion and have some good spots to drink morning coffee rather than my 3-in-1 Nescafe which I used to drink every morning! Besides, it was an eventful day for the residents in Tambunan as they had their Tambunan Run 2015 in conjunction with the Harvest Festival. No, not me! I didn't join but my friends did.. Ha-ha..

Everyone looks eager to win the race! =) All the best guys....

Just a bit of pictures of where we stayed for a night in Tambunan. It was the dormitory at St Theresa's Church and located in its compound. If so happen that you are looking for a simple place to stay at Tambunan, this can be your option! Price range for each room is about RM 20 to 40 (very reasonable). No air-cond but the weather is cooling enough to get you to sleep soundly at night and lastly, it's all shared bathroom.

 Our dormitory at St Theresa Church

RM 40 per room.. Reasonable priced! 

And what else to do in Tambunan? It's definitely its beautiful Mahua Waterfall! I missed the super cool water so so much!!!!

Times when the crowd is not here yet! =)

 And you have the waterfall all by your own! =p

To be continued....

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