Saturday, 9 May 2015

Walkabout in Keningau When You Are Hungry

If you are looking for some simple Chinese food in Keningau town, you can come to this Garden 33 Restaurant! Just a piece of advice. If you are from a town or city along the coastal, I guess you should avoid ordering salt-water fish here because most of the fish comes from KK. You can order some of their famous dishes such as fried bitter gourd and fried seafood beancurd. And try to get some sinalau bakas as one of your dish on the table.. Hee.. Try if you haven't do so, it's very famous in Sabah!

Sinalau Bakas, RM 20/kg.. Bought from Tambunan-Keningau Road.. 

Fried Bitter Gourd.. Thicker version as compare to the one in KK. At least you can still taste some sweetness of it! 

Fried Seafood Beancurd.. Everyone's favourite dish! 

 A vegetable as a source of fiber!

Average per person was about RM 20. Not too expensive for a table of 5! If you still have space to fit in your stomach, look for this Kedai Kopi Raya for their buns. The recommended time to visit them is around 2 pm. Not to be too early as their buns is still in the oven.


If you have some spare time or feel like having a break, you can go to Crocker Range Park which is about 10 km away from the town or the market a.k.a. night market. Just a reminder, if you have the entrance ticket for any of the Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman, you have free access to any other parks on the same day! 

View of the whole Keningau town

Keningau Night Market

Enjoy and have a nice weekend =)

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