Monday, 11 May 2015

Tenom Fatt Choi Cafe @ Tenom

It came to my surprise when I see this cafe in Tenom! I guess you too couldn't imagine that Tenom Fatt Choi has its own cafe and it's in Tenom somemore! Anyway, it's good to see some local brands expending their business especially to the rural areas and they deserved to be in my blog! =p If you haven't try Fatt Choi coffee in your life before, I think you should taste it at least once because it has the aroma which is so different from other types of coffee but the taste would be quite mild if you like strong coffee! Price is considered quite cheap and they serve quite a lot of varieties.

The menu...

If you want to buy the commercial packing ones, please do so because the price differs a lot (almost double the original price) if you buy it in KK!

So never forget to drop by this place for a cup of coffee before heading to some where else! Enjoy and have a nice day =)

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