Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Penang Hill @ Penang Island

Penang Hill has been evolving for the past few year and it's now a super famous tourist spot on Penang Island (more famous than it was previously). I can see that many of its features e.g. ticketing system, the cable car and the entertainment it contains adapted from other countries that I have been. And one more thing that is very great is that it has a multi-stories building for you to park your car to solve your trouble for looking for road-side parking and there are many buses to get you there as well! So if you haven't been there, make sure that you go there for at least once and I am sure that you will like it! =) 

The queue is long as early as 8 am! You can choose to pay the standard pay to queue up for the cable car or pay more to get into the fast lane to skip the queue..

Very nice cable car.. Since it is so packed during peak hours, you can't really enjoy the comfort in the cable car during the ride..

"We are on Penang Hill!" =) A clear sky to start our day..

Cafe # 1 on Penang Hill

Cafe # 2 on Penang Hill

The bridge for love locks.. Couples, you can save your money by getting your own lock! =p

The Hindu Temple

The Mosque

The Guard's Gate

And it's time to say good-bye because it is starting to get hot at around 11 something..

Be thankful that we went there early! Look at the crowd at noon!

 Multi-stories building for parking

We shall come again next time! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day..

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