Friday, 1 January 2016

Second Job for Extra Cash Online

Phew.. With the increase cost of living and our thoughtful deputy minister who encourage us to go for a second job, here are some suggestions which I would like to share with you guys which you can work at home! Don't worry, all is workable because I have tried them all! It's just that you need to put in extra effort to get your pay!

1. Online Business

Online shopping is getting very popular nowadays. People can easily shop online with a "click" at many websites with no boundaries such as,, etc, from clothing to car and houses, with many varieties to choose from and the best prices can be compared with many other retailers. So opening an online store can be a good option but it can be challenging as well! The bad part is that you might need a little amount of fund to set up your store and get your store on track. If you do not work hard to sell your stock, you will make losses rather than gaining profits! 

If you are free, just visit our online store at LittleTomatoCloset on Facebook!

2. Online Typing

Online typing is a free and easy job. You will earn if you type, you will not lose anything even if you do not do anything! You can work day to night and even 7-days a week. I have joined MegaTypers for the past few months and it's going well. I get paid when my fund hits a certain amount and the fund will be automatically transferred into my Paypal account. So to get started, it's best for you to have a Paypal account so that the earnings can be transferred directly into your account. And when you register, make sure that you key in the invitation code B2DC to get recruited for this job. No upfront fee is required!

3. Doing Online Survey 

There are a numbers of online survey website do pay you well if you complete a survey with them. After a minimum payment is achieved (after completing a certain numbers of surveys), you can withdraw the funds via cheque payment, transfer into your Paypal account or exchange for some shopping vouchers. And one more good thing is that no upfront fee is required. Earnings sorely depends on the number of survey given to you. Suggested website are as following:

Ipanel Online -
Global Tesmarket -

4. Blogging

This is exactly what I'm doing now, blogging! Blogging can be a part-time job and you can work on this anytime and anywhere. It's the same as online typing and doing online survey which have very minimal risk of losing any money! But you need to have the creativity to attract readers to visit your blog or else it will be a waste of time!

So what are you waiting for! Start finding for a second job to your extra pocket money! =)

Enjoy and happy new year!

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  1. Hi kevin, am doing blogwalking and found yours and decided to read your blog..interestingd..regarding this 2nd job, i myself am doing the mystery shopping task, nice as you get free things and money too.. by the way, happy to found your blog by chance, i just started mine october 2015, still building up content and traffic


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