Monday, 8 May 2017

Japan Trip (3-14 March 2017) Part 1 Tokyo

Sorry guys to get this done late because I really really have a lot of editing for all the pictures for my Japan trip back in March. Besides, I need to clear up the pictures from the camera for Susan's trip to Perth! Phew.. Anyway, I have done everything and it's time to start for my whole 12 days trip in Japan.

To travel from KK to KL then to Osaka then to Tokyo really wasted a lot of our time for travelling and we took almost a day just to travel. We were quite regretted that we bought our ticket without a proper planning though there is a direct flight from KK to Tokyo! Anyway, it was all over. 

So, let's start!

When we arrived at Osaka airport, we traveled to Terminal 2 for a budget airline Peach Air to travel to Tokyo (travelling time was about 10-15 minutes). One thing great was that there was a free shutter service to travel between these 2 terminals. If you don't know how, just approach the information counter because they were super friendly and ready to help you always!

Osaka Kansai Airport, Terminal 1

Welcome to the part of the world with lots of vending machine!

Susan's friends without me =) While travelling to Terminal 2

Terminal 2, quite an empty airport and they were really strict on the luggage rules!

If I were to compare between Peach Air and Airasia, Airasia is definitely much much better! Upon arriving at Tokyo Narita Airport, we went and bought our Keisei Skyliner ticket to travel to Tokyo! Just some reminder, get ready with some big cash as the travelling to Tokyo was quite expensive (~ >20000 Yen). 

You can never believe that how clean was the glass panel!

Tokyo Narita Airport! It was quite a small airport and attached to a shopping mall.

Train tickets to Tokyo!

First meal in Japan, burger at McD! Sorry to say that it's non halal.. Though they have quite a limited varieties on the menu but it was worth to try and some of them were not in the Malaysia's McD menu..

Time to hop on the train and sleeppppppp... zzzzzzz

Arrived at Shinjuku station at late noon and time to check in at AirBnB..

Very convenient place to stay. Very near to Shinjuku main station but price was a bit expensive. It was about RM 90 per person per night (total 6 pax)

Complete sleeping area for 6 pax in a very compact space. We can hardly have empty space to open our luggage bags! =)

Basically, day 1 was just for travelling, check-in, dinner and walking around near by places.

First dinner.. Ramen with thick broth at Shinjuku (average price was about 750-950 Yen) For me, it was a bit too salty!

Vending machine for you to buy food coupons!

Fu-unji Ramen Restaurant, Shinjuku.. Place where you can find thick broth or dipping style ramen!

While walking back to our rest place in a very cold weather...

To be continued...

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