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Japan Trip (3-14 March 2017) Part 3 Tokyo

Day 3, Asakusa, Skytree Tower and Shibuya. 

Before we started anything, we had our breakfast at this beautiful bakery near Shinjuku Main Station. Gontran Cherrier, I suspect it's a French bakery but maybe I'm wrong. Because once we entered the shop, we had this very Western style classic feel. With the setting and displays, we were so tempted to get each of the pastries which were on the shelf! =) Pastries were great but the coffee was a bit disappointing! Anyway, I can say it's a MUST to come here at least once!

Gontran Cherrier, downstairs to buy and upstairs to sit and dine in!

Wonderful pastries... A bit pricey but worth to try!

Then we headed out for Asakusa via train. We got ourselves an ICOCA or SUICA card, so that we can travel conveniently and faster without the need to queue everytime to buy train ticket. You can load in a big sum but if you are worry that you can't finish the money inside the card, you can just spend it at any convenient store or get a refund at the ticketing counter.

Ticketing machines at Shinjuku Main Station..

Asakusa District.. Time for temple visit! Train station was just walking distance only.

The huge lantern at the entrance.. "People Mountain, People Sea" Hard to get a picture without the tourists! =)

Asakusa Nakamise Shopping St. Just a few rows of shops but mostly were selling food and snacks..

Sensoji Temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo.. It was a huge temple and it has many parts to walk about for a temple!

Get your free green tea at the side of the temple to warm your body! =) If you like, you can buy a packet home...

After spending the morning at Asakusa, then we walked about an hour to Skytree tower by passing though Sumida Park. If not, you can opt to get a taxi ride or tricycle service but it would be expensive.

Sumida Park, it would be great when sakura fully bloom!

Skytree tower! We didn't go up as we were running out of time and we were super hungry! Perhaps next time...

Lunch at Saboten Shinjuku @ Keio Departmental Store..

Pork Cutlet was the main dish! It was so so so good! They served this with rice and salad as well to get you full!

After lunch, we went to the famous Shibuya Crossing Street and visited the Hachiko Statue. Both of these were just few steps away only. But to get a good view of Shibuya Crossing Street, you can go to the upper level of Starbucks. After spending some time there, we went and shopped for our goodies and strawberries!

Huge strawberries... It was sweet!

You can also put some strawberry paste! )

Dumplings a.k.a gyoza @ Nishi-shinjuku for a short break before dinner!

The spicy version of the dumplings

The fried version of the dumplings... Just ordinary dumplings but I prefer KK one! =)

Uobei Sushi for dinner! Experience the self ordering sushi...

Each seat has a monitor to order food... Good that they will prepare freshly but cons is you can't really share!

Last stop before going back to Shinjuku!

To be continued...

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