Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Japan Trip (3-14 March 2017) Part 2 Tokyo

Day 2, trip to Kawaguchiko Lake and Kawazu River! As both of these places were really far from the city center, we rented a car and drove there as this would be cheaper. We started the day at almost 8 am (as early as possible) so that we can rush back to Tokyo to return the car by 10 pm (as the parking lots charges a very expensive price if you park overnight). Moreover, it's very convenient to rent a car as the rental shop is very near to Shinjuku main Station. 

Early morning at Shinjuku!

Our rent car for our day trip..

Once we arrived near the area (about 2 hours journey from Tokyo), we headed to the Fujikawaguchiko Tourist Information Center to get the map and perhaps some discounted packages. They have very friendly multi-lingual officers to communicate, so it was kind of easy to talk to them. After that, we drove to the lake! Wahooo! =)

Fujikawaguchiko Tourist Information Center

Here we are, Kawaguchiko Lake with very blue water! So you can choose to go for a "pedalling ride" around the lake or go for a boat ride for some scenery view of Mt Fuji!

Beautiful Mt. Fuji view, from the lower deck of the boat ride

Nice day nice weather, just too perfect! =)

Cheese Cake Garden for cheese cake. Just right opposite of the lake while on the way up to the Ropeway station.

Kawaguchi Ropeway (Mt. Kachi Kachi) for a perfect view of Mt. Fuji..

View of Mt. Fuji from Mt. Kachi Kachi..

Tanuki Dango (Rice ball).. No one can stop me from eating! Haha..

After coming down from Mt. Kachi Kachi, we went to the convenient store to have a quick lunch before heading to Kawazu River. Kawazu River usually has the early bloom of the sakura trees in Tokyo but we were unfortunate because we were there too early for the season. By the way, the drive from Kawaguchi Lake to Kawazu River was about 3 hours!

Spotted a Sakura tree while on the way to Kawazu River..

Us with just the bits of Sakura flower!

Clear Kawazu River..

We headed back to Tokyo after sunset to return the car..=0 another 3 hours journey back...

Udon Shin Shinjuku for our dinner + supper after returning the car.. Just nearby to our place and it opens till late night..

Dry Udon with cheese and a big piece of Bacon Tempura.. A MUST have meal~! Super great!!! Less than 1500 Yen!

Fish Cake Udon.. Big portion and the hot soup was great to warm your stomach in a very cold weather!

To be continued...

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