Sunday, 22 July 2018

Abang J Cafe @ Bandaran, Kota Kinabalu

Finding for good and cheap food in KK again? Go and find Abang J Cafe, which is really cheap. Though there are not many choice on the menu, but all food are sold at very affordable price! They serve simple Western food and some local food as well (but I wish that they have more vege on the menu). As for the waiting time, I can say that it's quite ok because all food served within 30 minutes. Parking can be an issue during lunch time but more parking available if you go at night. They are opened everyday for lunch and dinner (except lunch on Sundays).

Abang J Cafe, corner shop. Easily spotted.

Quite spacious inside, there are tables available at 2 floors...

Starter on the menu.. Can't really recall what is this but this is cheap!

Lamb chop (RM 8++) with fries with cheese sauce. A bit overdone and the black pepper sauce is a bit too salty.. So don't expect too much!

Spicy chicken chop (RM 6++) with fries with cheese sauce... This is really spicy, no joke! Chicken grilled just nice and still juicy..

Chicken satay (RM 2) for 3 sticks.. This is sooooo good and cheap.. You can never get this size with this price at any other place..

Total damage done for 2 person with 2 canned drinks was about RM 20. If you are a meat and big eater, come here and feast!

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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