Saturday, 14 July 2018

Relax Coffee Cafe @ Menggatal, Sabah

Relax Coffee Cafe is a locally-like cafe which serves quite a range of food, from local to Western and Japanese as well as dessert. Currently, there are 2 branches. One located at Menggatal Plaza and the other on located at Damai Plaza. But for this one fine Saturday late afternoon, we went to the Menggatal Plaza one. There are many choices on the menu but apparently, different time of the day has different set of menu, thus making it to have limited option to choose during each timing especially during lunch time. But if you want to find some quiet place to relax, this is definitely the place!

Interior design of the cafe at Menggatal Plaza

Definitely it's latte during cafe hopping! As for the latte, it was not really good as it supposed to be!

Lamb Donburi... Tasted well but I just prefer if it's without bone!

Chicken Donburi... Better option than the lamb

Overall, something you can go for. But for me, I might visit the place again but not for lunch! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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