Thursday, 25 July 2013

Speggie's at Perdana Park

 Just too happy when someone praised me that I love my job a lot! It really kill off the stomachache and f**king bad diarrhea which I had for the past few days straight away! Phew.. I guess it's not relieved by 100%, I still need some medications!

As usual, the hardest question for most people is usually "Where are we eating today?" Same goes to me and Susan! At random, this place suddenly popped out of my mind, Perdana Park. I guess most people might know the place better when I refer it as musical fountain park. There are quite a number of dining restaurants over there such as the Taiwanese restaurant, Secret Recipe and so on but in fact, we had chose Speggie's.

Interior-ly looks good but air conditioner is not working! Luckily there's no rain at that time

 Here come's our spaghetti. Looks good and taste good as well! RM 18 for this

Hawaiian chicken pizza. Looks good and taste good as well. Crunchy but not thin crush. RM 19.90 for this

After dinner, you may opt to watch the musical fountain from 8 pm till 9 something I guess.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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