Monday, 23 September 2013

Miri - Brunei Trip (back date to 8-10 Aug 2013) Part 1

I just feel that my life is still lacking of something but I have no idea what it is! I just hope that I can discover that lacking soon, hopefully, real soon.. 2 months more and I'm going back to KL for holiday, I wonder how will I feel. I'm feeling nothing right now but I just know that I'm missing my mum now! T.T

So, back to the main topic. I'm staying in KK, Sabah and travelling across Brunei to Miri, Sarawak via land was a very long and wonderful journey. It was not about what I ate throughout the trip =p but it was all about learning new experience at foreign land even though Sabah and Sarawak are united under one country, and Brunei was once under Malaysia too! So, it took me and my friends about 10-11 hours drive from KK to Miri. Eating and chatting all along the way made the route "shorter" than it was. So make sure that you have good friends to accompany you all the way! =)

First check point, border of Sabah and Sarawak at 6am! Make sure that you get a stamp to enter Sarawak before passing this or else you are not allowed to enter Brunei later on

First makan place of the trip at Lawas, Tong Fang Cafe! 

Their special noodle at Lawas after knowing that the biscuits are not available. Taste well but a bit too oily 

Place for cheap and crispy prawn biscuit, a coffee shop just right behind Tong Fang Cafe

 Freshly made with RM1 for 3 pieces

 Ok, journey continues after having our breakfast! So, remember to collect 2 stamps at every border that you pass. This would be the second one to enter Brunei. In order to get your car into Brunei, make sure that you have enough details of your car to register at the Kastam of Brunei. If it's rent car, make sure to get a letter of autherisation from the company, otherwise you might face tough time to cross this border.

Ferry to cross to Limbang which accepts both Malaysian and Brunei currency. After comparing the currency conversion rate, paying in Malaysian Ringgit was still cheaper 

Total border to cross: 1. Sabah-Sarawak; 2. Sarawak-Brunei; 3. Brunei-Sarawak; 4. Sawarak-Brunei again and 5. Brunei-Sarawak before reaching Miri. Passing the ASEAN bridge was the landmark that we were correctly landed at Miri. Once reaching Miri, first thing came across our mind was lunch!

We have chosen Flabour Point because it was one of the rare shops that still open after 2.30pm

Some kind of weird noodles but tasted just nice. Just knew that asam laksa noodles blends well with tomato based soup 

 Belacan fried beehoon

 Didn't manage to wait for the sunset as the time doesn't allow!

 Dinner at one of the highly recommended restaurant in blogs. Restaurant by the river. Oh well, what ever is recommended must be tried

 Food looks good but taste rating was just 2/5. Service was bad and it took about 2 hours for the first dish till the last dish to be seved

 Drinking session at the highest point in Miri town! Just right beside the Petroleum museum.

 Lights of Miri town, too bad that we can't really spend our sweet time to enjoy the scenery as it rained not long after we arrived =(

Just a cup of hot chocolate

Enjoy and have a nice day... To be continued...


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