Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Miri - Brunei Trip (back date to 8-10 Aug 2013) Part 4

It was the third day of Hari Raya for Malaysia but the second day of Hari Raya for Brunei, so it was the first day of the palace opening to invite the public to celebrate Hari Raya together. The palace used to open to the public for 3 days and the most crowded days were the first and third day. But before going to the palace for brunch. We had our breakfast at this Chinese-owned Mamak Coffee shop. I just remember that this shop is located near a highway! After turning out from the highway (landmark, KFC), turn to the left and go to the last row of shops. Then turn right and you will see this shop on the right hand side.. Haha.. But I can't really remember what highway it is.

Just knew from Susan that she used to learn Bahasa Jawi when she was studying in Brunei. That was why she knows how to read the Jawi wordings on the signboard 

Mamak making break... 

Famous roti kahwin kacang!

 Entrance ticket

 Spot on the Chocolate Chip cookies!

 At least we have visited one mosque throughout our entire trip! The uniqueness of this mosque was that the top part of this mosque was made out of gold!

Brunch second time, Jolibee. Only available in Brunei. Fast food restaurant but selling fast food like KFC, only fried chicken with rice...

Last meal before leaving Brunei 

Right after the numerous brunch, we started our journey and went back to KK straight. But at least we dropped by at Sipitang for satay since many people recommended.. 

Ok, all this came to an end so fast. I wish the holiday would  be dragged for a long time... +)

Enjoy and have a nice day Thank you for reading this blog ya.. =)

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