Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Miri - Brunei Trip (back date to 8-10 Aug 2013) Part 3

The journey from Miri to Brunei was about 1-2 hours. The road was fine, nice highway with no pot-holes like those in Malaysia. But on the way, we had dropped by at one of the most grand hotel resort in Brunei which is the Empire Hotel. It was actually about 15 minutes drive from the city center, Bandar. From the picture below, you can see how grand is the interior design of the hotel.

The front lobby's decoration in-conjunction with Hari Raya festival, the hotel was crowded with tourists! If I have the money, this place would be my option!! =)

 Interior design of the hotel with giant pillars.. Too bad that I missed out the escalator which is also gold in colour

 The back part of the hotel resort..

 A relaxing place to walk to after passing the man-made beach on the right.. This is just the other end of the hotel resort which is facing the South China Sea

The car park with car display in front of the hotel 

After visiting the grand hotel, it was time to check into the hotel. To stay in Brunei wasn't cheap. After the currency conversion from MY Ringgit to Brunei Dollar, the place where we stayed, Abdul Razak Hotel Apartment costed us about RM 70 per person with a complementary breakfast at the cafe. Gym facilities and swimming pool were included but it was not within the hotel. Exterior part of the hotel looked horrible but interiorly looked good. So don't judge a book by it cover =p As everyone said that it was a must to have cheap sushi in Brunei, so really big thanks to Susan <3 anyway="" because="" bringing="" choice="" closed="" dinner="" excapade="" for="" had="" mcd="" no="" other="" p="" to="" too="" us="" was="" we="">

 Grilled Unagi

The Sashimi Boat 

The total damage done was about RM 46 per person! Yea..!  Rating for the food was 5/5! Good choice of place for Japanese food and this was the most memorable meal of the trip.. =)

Next day for Hari Raya... To be continued...

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