Monday, 28 October 2013


Huh.. I am going to kick those 2 lazy fellows from my house soon! I wouldn't ever want to see them appearing in my house anymore! Time to say "no more dirty toilet" and "no more spilled garbage" because the 2 big rubbish will be sent to the "main garbage center".... finally! Hee.. Time to stay back and live a peaceful life. 

Flipping through the monthly calender every month, it's almost coming to the end of the year without realising! Coming month is going to be my third year in Sabah and my close friends around me are getting lesser. I am really happy for those who got back to their hometown after leaving their comfort zone and being independent for at least 1 year in foreign land. By doing such, at least we know that it is not easy to live with people outside. So it is either you adapt to them or they adapt themselves to you! For me, I have my own conclusion. Never ever find someone who is stingy, calculative and someone who always like to take advantage of you as your housemate! That's all for now..

Enjoy and have a nice day..

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