Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hong Kong and Macau Trip (back dated to 7-11 Sept 2013) Part 3 Macau and Central District

Day 3: Day trip to Macau. We left our hotel early and walked to China Ferry Terminal to take the earliest ferry to Macau. It supposed to be a good ferry ride but it turned out to be a chaotic one when the Chinese people made stupid fussy request, not obeying command and gave us a "NO" peace ride all the way to Macau.. Thanks, you guys are great! 

If you want to travel around Macau for free, make sure that you have made a thorough research for all the free rides via the casinos! And make sure that you get a Macau map before you leave the terminal... Do not change too much of MOP because not worth if to change back to HKD, moreover they accept HKD if you don't have MOP. And casinos only accept HKD...

Ferry terminal at Macau, hopped on a bus to the nearest casino which is walking distance away from Senado Square.. 

Breakfast at Leitaria I Son 義顺牛奶公司 (No 7 Largo Senada) for ginger milk pudding and double skin steamed milk pudding.. Must try in Macau...

Can't wait for her first bite on the tart! =p 

Senado Square... Tourist spot in Macau 

If you have time, do visit this church museum..  Very interesting site to visit!

 Walk and walk uphill to look for the Macau Museum..

But sadly, it was not opened for every Monday! Take note guys... 

Walked downhill again to look for this, Ruin's of St Paul.. 

Souvenir for everyone, traditional egg biscuits.. MOP 80 for one box! Recommended from a blog! Worth for the money and time that we have waited for this...

Instant noodles with curry fish ball while waiting for the biscuits.. 

Lunch time.. Famous duck rice in Macau.. As expected, another long queue... 

Black pepper duck rice, MOP 30 for one.. At least you must try... Not too bad but a bit too expensive.. 

 It's a MUST to visit casinos in Macau..

We didn't spend much time in Macau because we really have nothing to do in Macau unless we want to gamble. So we went back to Hong Kong early as 3 of us were really exhausted, had an early dinner and rest early for the day!

 Wanton noodle at Zhan Zai Gei, Central District. Not too bad but the portion was a bit too small..

Dessert time at some hidden street @ Central District.. Recommended by a blog and it was really worth to find for this stall! 

And lastly, we went to Lan Kwai Fong to see but not for a drink! =p

To be continued...

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