Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hong Kong and Macau Trip (back dated to 7-11 Sept 2013) Part 1

I didn't realise that I have left this out after I came back from Hong Kong after a long long time! It was my very first time to Hong Kong and Macau and I have been warned by many of my friends about their attitude especially when you are at a restaurant or coffee shop! Ha-ha.. Anyway, it was a very nice experience to be there... 

To eat and stay in Hong Kong and Macau are really expensive. Nothing that you eat can be below RM 10 except 7-Eleven. So make sure that you bring more money in your wallet rather than exchange your money over there because the exchange rate is really expensive as well.. 

So after leaving the airport, we went straight to our budget hotel which is located right inside of Tsim Sha Tsui. To travel from the airport is really convenient, so everything that you plan can be set on the time! After checking in, we had our first meal before heading to Ngong Ping.

 First meal, pork chop noodle, pork chop bun and milk tea... All the must order food in Hong Kong! Highly recommended... But one advice is that make sure that you don't ask so much and order fast! =)

After a quick lunch at TST, we travelled to Ngong Ping via MTR and bus because the cable car service was not available at that time. Once again I need to say that their public transport system was really good!

 Bus station to Ngong Ping, located right beside of the cable car station!

Ngong Ping.. With the Buddha statue seated at the top of the hill...

If you are interested to have vegetarian lunch there, you may opt so at the temple.. 

Time for a walk at Wisdom Path.. 

The hill near Wisdom Path for hiking! 

 Dessert time aka tea break but a disappointed one.. Worse than those in Malaysia and the saddest part was they charged us an extra dollar for one spoon! Damn it!

 We went for a show (Walking with Buddha with 4D effect) before we went back to Yau Ma Tei for dinner =)

First dinner at Four Season Claypot Rice 四季煲仔饭,46-58 Arthur St... Really good oyster omelette and claypot chicken rice with one or two dishes within!

Second dinner at Wai Kee 威记, Temple St. Night Market.. Too many to choose, so we just randomly picked one. Something special about the mantis prawns (salted pepper style) but the beef  kuey teow was bad!

Just part of our supper for the day.. Grilled sausages and squid tentacles, pan cakes.. And don't forget to try their fresh coconut milk drink at Mongkok!

End of day 1... To be continued...

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