Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hong Kong and Macau Trip (back dated to 7-11 Sept 2013) Part 4 The Peak

As for Day 4, we went back to Central District for Dimsum before heading to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Museum and The Peak. After The Peak, it was everyone's free time until we met back at the hotel at night!

Breakfast at Central District... 

Very traditional, workers are old too but they served good food. *Thumbs up* 

 Dr Sun Yat Sen's Museum at Central District.. HKD 10 per person

After breakfast, we walked all the way to Dr SYS Museum. But after the visit, we took a bus ride down to The Peak Tram station because it was too far for us to walk! Make sure that you look for promotions at their website before hand because tickets can be cheaper if you buy the tram ticket with the entrance ticket for Madame Tussaud's Museum together...

The Peak 

View from the top of the Peak, sky scrappers on HK island..

Famous HK singer, actress, Sammi! 

Madame Tussaud, the creator! 

After the Peak, we split up into 2 groups. The guy opted to shop whereas the remaining 2 of us opted to continue to hunt for good food! =)

Dessert for tea at Wan Chai... Much better dessert as compared to those at Ngong Ping! Headed back to TST and have a good rest before going out for dinner!

 So happy with her curry balls at Mongkok

KFC for dinner, because we have ran out of idea of what to eat! 

Last place of our trip! =) 

Breakfast before we head back to KK! 

Xiao Long Bao, best! Highly recommended.. Nearly missed the flight because of this! 

Spicy Ramen, one of their specialty

All expenses were kept under RM 1500, excluding accommodation and air ticket..

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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