Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bangkok Trip (back dated 25-29 May 2011) Part 1

It is really nice to call my sisters once in awhile for a short chat. Though I knew that my 二姐 is really sick but I still manage to get her to "laugh out loud". I guess so! Ha-ha.

Bangkok trip, though it was about one month ago but I can still remember everything in detail.

MBK Shopping Mall was our first destination and we had our dinner there too!

Samurai Burger.. Err.. Nothing great about it! I prefer Burger King's one!!

Ok. All these 3 are located at Siam Square. Siam Paragon is something like our Pavillion.


Chinatown, place to hunt for good food! It's better if you have someone who knows Hokkien walking with you..

Map at Reclining Buddha Temple, Wat Pho

Temple of Lucky Buddha

Temple of Standing Buddha

Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun

Oops. It was not my intention..


If you have this at your 7 Eleven, you can settle all meals for the day!

Trip to Floating Market but stopped by at the Coconut Sugar Farm

Nice one at the Floating Market

Oops. Accidentally taken her picture. =p

A temple near the Floating Market, Wat Cho

Finally, a group picture before heading to Summer Palace and Hua Hin Beach! I guess you can only see 11 person right?! Ha-ha

To be continue...

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