Sunday, 19 June 2011

Days of Horror

For the past 3 weeks, I have been in the cinema twice watching thai horror movies. The first one was Voices from the Grave and yesterday's one was Ladda Land. For yesterday's movie, I admit that I started to close my eyes for most of the second part of the movie and I even had a nightmare at night itself. Phew. It has not happen to me for so so many years already. Anyway, it is really worth paying to watch it in cinema.

I always solute the Thais because they can really produce high quality and fantastic horror movies. I still remember the famous ones were like Shutter, Coming Soon and so on. But after watching all these movie, do you actually believe that spirits do live among us and is there a possibility for us to give into contact with them? I still remember when I was in Form 2, I went for a camp at Gombak area. The camp co-ordinator actually brought us into the woods at 2am for jungle trekking. As we were walking and walking in the jungle, someone actually stopped us. Ok, I admitted that saw something at that time. But I was a bit too naive and think that it was normal. An old lady with a small kid (~ 2-3 years old) were asking the navigator for direction in the jungle. Don't you think it's strange and surprisingly, they don't even have a torchlight in the very dark jungle.

Anyway, after dealing with "these" for more than half an hour, we continued our journey to our destination. By the time we reached our destination, my group was really late. And I actually asked my friends from the same group about what did they saw just now. They just said that they didn't know what was happening and had no idea why we stopped for more than half an hour in the jungle for no reason. No wonder the navigator didn't say anything about it after we have reached our destination. I can just assume that nothing has happened before after that incident!

As people always say, there is always rules in the jungle which you need to obey. For example, not calling your friend's real name in the jungle, not throwing any tissues with stains of blood or your saliva, not simply sitting at places where you think it can be sitted and many more. So, here are just a few. To believe or not to believe is up to you!

I guess my next movie in the cinema will not be a horror movie. Fingers crossed* Enjoy and have a nice day...

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