Thursday, 16 June 2011

From Real to Fake for Money

I am so glad that the home internet connection is back to normal finally. I really hope that the person who stole the telephone cable get his "rewards" after being cursed and swear by me for so many days. But the bad thing is that it is time to work even though it is after working hours. Soob soob
While I was driving to the university yesterday morning, there was an accident happened. Unfortunately, it was a fatal accident. I saw one dead body lied at the road side with a lot of busy-bodies were surrounding it. To me, this is nothing to me already because I have seen something even worse than this many years back. Anyway, how badly hurt was not my concern. But what concerned me is that how are his/her family members going to react to this situation. Whenever I see this kind of situation or even an ambulance passes by, I will say a little prayer for that person. Hopefully, God answers all my prayers.

When it comes to prayers and offerings, it reminds me something while I was in Bangkok. Just a small sum of offerings, blessings will be showered upon you. At that point of time, I believe that they are real religious men who do the job. But if you are in KL, you can hardly trust them. I have heard many stories about fake religious men going around streets and asking for donations. This secret was actually already busted by quite a number of media many years ago but there were still people fall into this trap. They can afford a Rolex, taking taxi travelling to different streets and even can afford to eat luxurious food. But why do you still want to give them money? Actually the problem is with them, they acted too real in the way we can hardly differentiate them from the real one.

I know that to advise to stop giving is a big big wrong, but what we can hope is that who do we offer is always real. Please don't get me wrong, it is not about prejudism towards a certain religion because it has nothing to do with any religion. These people are just normal people who want to earn money by using God's name. So, just an advice. Please be careful with these people.

And I got my new camera already. Hopefully, I can have some pictures next time...

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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